Botanibites Explored

January was full of events and February and March are looking pretty busy as well. We wanted to share some common questions we receive at events, markets and beyond to help others with understanding Botanibites and what they are all about.

Energize Matcha Mint Trip on the left, Uplift Maca Marble on the right.

Energize Matcha Mint Trip on the left, Uplift Maca Marble on the right.

Energize Matcha Mint Trip on left, Uplift Maca Marble on right

Energize Matcha Mint Trip on left, Uplift Maca Marble on right

  1. Do you have vegan options? YES WE DO! Vegan options are now live and available. Eggs are replaced with Bob's Red Mill gluten free, vegan egg replacer

  2. Are you local? We are currently home produced in Waverly, OH but most of our business is located in Columbus, OH. We plan to move into a commercial kitchen in Columbus, OH in the near future. Waverly, OH is about 1.5 hours south of Columbus and you have probably driven through it if you ever drive south ;)

  3. Do you know the nutrition facts for one muffin? Nutrition facts for one muffin have now been added to all the packaging labels of Botanibites so you can see how many carbs, protein, calories, etc. there are in each Botanibite. You can view them all on Botanibites Instagram story highlights or buy purchasing some on the order page.

  4. Where can we buy them? You can find Botanibites at these locations, online, and events throughout Ohio. We are always adding events so follow Instagram and Facebook to get more up to date info on where to find them next.

  5. What kiiiind of herbs? We get this question A LOT. Botanibites do not have marijuana/cannabis products in them. I do see a future in this industry for them but for now they contain wholesome, medicinal, organic herbal extracts so you can enjoy the benefits easily and any time!

  6. What's your favorite flavor? This is one of the most common questions, which always catches me off guard. My favorite flavor honestly depends on the mood I am in, in that moment. If I feel stressed or anxious, I go for the Bliss Goji Lavender Botanibites. If I am in need of my daily matcha dose to get me up and on-the-go, I grab the Energize Matcha Mint Trip. If I am feeling in need of some hormonal balance with energy, I go for the Uplift Maca Marble, and for a calming, soothing nightcap, the Unwind Lemon Floral really hits the spot.

  7. What's the difference between matcha and maca? Huge difference and they are not at all similar!! Matcha powder is concentrated green tea, this is why it is bright green in color, used for focused energy, but also used to help repair and build cells (future blog post to come). Maca is a root herb, brown in color, and used as a ginseng alternative because of its stimulating energy, ability to balance hormones, and to increase libido. Matcha has a more bitter flavor, more mild overall (and pairs really well with the mint flavor). Maca has a bitter, malty, hazelnut flavor that pairs really well with cacao and coconut sugar. Both do give energy, but in a different way in the body. I would describe matcha as more of a head energy, while maca is more of a rooted, lower body energy. Please see other posts to learn more about the two.

  8. Why coconut flour only? Botanibites are free of most common allergens (except for eggs) because in the wellness, alternative medicine industry that my background stems from, food sensitivities and allergies are a big culprit of many health issues. I wanted to create a product that anyone could enjoy, despite their strict dietary requirements. I also believe in food energetics and the more consistent a food is in its source, the easier it is to digest. That is why the milk, sugar and flour all come from the same source: coconuts.

  9. Why eggs? A lot of people think Botanibites are vegan because of the emphasis on herbs and plants, but Botanibites contain eggs. This is because I believe whole foods, especially eggs, are full of benefits for the body including protein, selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper. The eggs we use for baking Botanibites are cage free.

These are just some of the most common questions that come in when people are first introduced to tasty Botanibites. Any other questions? Just ask! Transparency is everything to us.