Crazy for CocoNUTS


Have you joined the coconut craze yet? Whether it was coconut water, coconut oil, or coconut milk, I am sure you have encountered one or more of the many great products made from coconuts. I am here to tell you why everyone is crazy for coconuts.

Being a Miami, FL native, I was able to enjoy fresh coconut water and coconut pulp any time. But coconuts really became important once the recipe for Botanibites muffins came together.

Coconuts are extremely nutritious fruits, commonly consumed in tropical, humid areas. They are known for their beneficial effects on hydration and providing minerals due to their high electrolyte and nutrition content.

coconut water

The increase in food allergies and sensitivities has led to the increase of more and more coconut products being available. In the natural foods sphere you can find coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut sugar, coconut flour, coconut cream, coconut aminos, coconut nectar, and coconut chips - you got options!

As for paleo products, coconut milk, coconut sugar, coconut flour and coconut oil are used most often to replace dairy, gluten, grain, sugar and other common allergens in cooking and baking. Each ingredient provides more health benefits than their replacements.

coconut flour

Coconut nectar and coconut sugar differ in the amount of sugar and consistency they produce. Coconut nectar is a thick liquid, thicker than honey, and tastes much sweeter and more concentrated when used in baking. Coconut sugar is another low glycemic sugar option made from coconuts that replaces sugar 1:1 and isn't as sweet as the nectar.

Coconut milk is often paired with many fillers like guar gum or acacia fiber. For those that are allergic or sensitive to these additives, Aroy-D coconut milk is the perfect choice for you! The ingredients are only coconuts - no additives (which is why Botanibites recipes use this brand only).

Coconut flour is an excellent substitute for wheat or grain based flours if you are sensitive to gluten, nuts, or other corn, soy or rice products. Warning though, it is the most difficult flour to work with. It is extremely dense and soaks up any and all liquid it is paired with quite easily. It can become very dry and dense as a result, very quickly. Most recipes combine coconut flour with almond flour, but because Botanibites are nut free, they only use coconut flour in their recipe - another reason they are so special!

What are the benefits of coconut milk?

Coconut milk is mostly beneficial to us because of its fat content. The milk is the flesh and the water inside the coconut combined. The high fat content improves heart health and weight loss by providing "healthy fats”that help lower cholesterol and provide medium-chain-triglycerides (MCTs) that can help curb appetite and stimulate energy. Coconut milk also contains lauric acid which has been shown to fight bacteria. This would allow it to boost your immune system. (

Are coconuts a nut?

Coconuts are technically a tree nut because they grow on trees, but they are not a common allergen like most tree nuts are.

Are coconuts fattening?

Coconuts provide healthy fats, but are not known to be fattening to the body as a result.

What parts are used in coconut products?

In coconut products, all parts are typically used depending on the product being made. The liquid inside a broken coconut provides coconut water. That is why coconut water often tastes different depending on the source. The flesh and the liquid combined make up coconut milk. The coconut palm sugar is actually made from the coconut palm sap of the tree, not the actual coconut. ( Coconut flour is actually a byproduct made when making coconut milk. The pulp of the coconut meat is dried out and ground into the powdery flour form (

Are they paleo?

Coconuts are technically paleo since they are a whole food and considered a fruit. However, coconuts can also be considered a nut or a seed. When it comes to baking, any ingredient made from coconuts would be safe for the paleo diet as a result.

botanibites coconut flour

Do Botanibites taste like coconut?

Surprisingly no! And this is one of my favorite compliments from customers (aside from "you can’t tell this is gluten free"). Some flavors of Botanibites have a mild coconut flavor to some people, but overall they are full of their own unique flavors.

What is special about your coconut based ingredients?

Botanibites coconut based ingredients are either organic and/or contain no added fillers. The flour is from Bob's Red Mill which has proven to be the best coconut flour out there. It is moist, light and airy which makes the perfect grain free muffin. The coconut milk is from Aroy-D and contains no added fillers or additives. The coconut sugar is organic and tastes so good with each flavor.

What brands do you recommend?

For coconut water, my favorite is the Taste of Nirvana with pulp. It has a hint of a naturall vanilla flavor that makes it tastes far better than other brands. For coconut flour, Bob's Red Mill is the only one to use. It is light, airy and moist, which really helps when baking (trust me, I know). For coconut sugar, just about any brand that is organic and says coconut palm sugar. It tastes kind of like brown sugar but is healthier. Once you try it, you won't ever go back. Coconut milk is best from Aroy-D which you can find on Amazon or Walmart website. No fillers and always extra tasty.

If you are new to coconut products, feel free to ask any questions! And if you are afraid to bake with coconut flour or have had many failed attempts, order Botanibites and let us take care of the task for you.