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You have probably heard of Matcha by now, but do you really know what it is? Matcha has been used in Japan traditionally as a ritualistic practice of making tea for ceremonies. There are many different grades and it can be organic and non, but regardless of how you consume it, matcha is magic.

What is it?

Matcha is actually just concentrated green tea. Green tea leaves are ground into a fine powder, creating a bright green powder that is then whisked in with hot water.

How is it used?

Matcha is used as a tea, in lattes, smoothies, baked goods (like Botanibites Energize Matcha Mint Trip) and in conjunction with other tea blends. It is perfect for that morning energy boost and to maintain focus.

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What are the benefits?

Matcha became most well known when people began to take note of its healing qualities. Because it is so concentrated, you get the same antioxidants, detoxifying effects, and the focus that green tea provides. Matcha is excellent in aiding weight loss, increasing energy, and also provides l-theanine to give you a sustained, alert calm unlike other natural sources of caffeine.

How do I get some?

You can buy matcha at any health food store or grocery store in the tea section. My suggestion is to first try it as a latte or smoothie (Starbucks uses Matcha in their green tea latte and frappucino). This is a great way to get accustomed to the flavor since it is usually mixed with sweetener/sugar to hide the bitter taste matcha often has. Once you purchase your own, it is always best to get organic matcha since it is ground up tea. This would ensure it is free of chemicals. You can also find Chloe's next pop-up event for her Columbus business Potion Matcha Bar where she serves and hand makes each matcha blend you order in fun flavors ( .

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Should I try it?

Matcha is recommended for those looking for a caffeine substitute. It is not acidic or harsh on the stomach and does not cause you to crash or feel taxed. It increases energy while leaving you calm and collected. It is ideal for anyone looking for a caffeine boost, wanting to encourage cell repair, and anyone interested in weight loss. I do warn you, the taste isn't ideal, but adding some sugar takes all that away! And you can always enjoy your serving of organic matcha with the Energize Botanibites. Mint chocolate chip flavor to cover up the bitter matcha while still providing all the benefits for your morning commute.

Have you tried matcha powder? Comment below and let us know what you think of it!

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