The herbal blends in each Botanibites recipe and their benefits


matcha mint trip energize

matcha powderconcentrated green tea high in caffeine and l-theanine for a focused energy. 1/2 a teaspoon of matcha is in 3 mini muffins

dark chocolate: energizing for the mind, body and soul. enjoy some energizing caffeine in your favorite flavor.


lemon floral unwind

chamomile: assists with soothing digestion, nerves and stress

valerian: promotes healthy sleep and reduces restlessness

poppy seed: calms the nerves and aids with restful sleep

lemon floral herbs

maca marble uplift

maca: promotes healthy hormonal balance and increased libido. 1tsp of maca powder in 3 mini muffins

cacao: raw cacao powder in a chocolate marble blend to give you that extra energy boost and feed the soul.

damiana: mostly known as an aphrodisiac, assists with increased libido and as a "yang tonic"

goji lavender bliss

lavender: supports stress relief and a calm mind (in addition to tasting great)

passionflower: promotes physical and mental relaxation and ease

damiana: mostly known as an aphrodisiac for its physically relaxing and stress relief effects

goji lavender herbs