Are they safe for celiacs?

Botanibites have been tested for gluten by the Food Safety Net Services and declared there were less than 5ppm (parts per million) of gluten in Botanibites. Gluten free certifications are given to any product that contains less than 20ppm of gluten.. so Botanibites are more than safe for celiacs!

How many should I eat at a time?

Each herbal blend was created based on one pack (3 mini muffins) being the full serving. It is best to eat all 3 to receive the most herbal benefits, however, listen to your mind and body and eat them mindfully. They are filling and nutrient dense because they are made of wholesome ingredients, not empty carbs. Have 1, have 2, have 3, share some, save some for later - all up to you and your needs.

Are they vegan?

Botanibites are not vegan because they contain eggs. They are free of all other animal products. We do have vegan options available in our online store here

How strong are the effects?

Each herbal blend contains liquid tinctures or powders the herbs are extracted into. This makes the blends more potent than a tea bag would be. For the strongest effect it is suggested to eat Botanibites on an empty stomach, heated slightly, and at least 20 minutes before a meal.

The Bliss and Unwind have 30 drops of an herbal tincture per pack (3 mini muffins) which is equivalent to a therapeutic dose of herbs. The Uplift has 1 tsp of organic maca root (the average serving of maca), about 1 tsp of organic cacao powder, and a few drops of organic damiana extract per pack. The Energize has 1/2 tsp of organic matcha (the average serving of matcha) per pack and contains about 34mg of caffeine, which is similar to 1/3 cup of coffee, but provides more focus, no crash, and all the benefits of green tea. The Relief has 1/2 tsp of a concentrated herbal extract blend of turmeric, ginger and cinnamon per pack.

We love herbs! And have extensive knowledge on Chinese and American herbs. Feel free to ask us more!

Will they fill me up?

Yes! Do not underestimate Botanibites because of their size. They are made of wholesome, nutritious ingredients that provide you with real fiber, protein, healthy fats, sugar and carbs (but not too much). Coconut flour is also very dense and can be drying, so it is best to eat these bite by bite so you can absorb all their benefits.

Are they nut free?

Yes! They are free of all nuts except coconut.

How are they enjoyed best?

Botanibites are best heated slightly or at room temperature.

How long do they stay good for?

Botanibites are enjoyed best at room temperature for 5 days and for 3-4 weeks refrigerated depending on the flavor. Freezing Botanibites allows them to stay good for as long as they are frozen for.

How do I order wholesale?

Contact us at (614)285-4385 or email us at botanibites@gmail.com

Any other questions?

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