Botanibites Monthly Subscription
from 30.00

Enjoy your favorite healthy snack any time delivered to your door or office every month!

Subscription Options:

8 Packs (Ideal for You) 12 Packs (Ideal for Busy You)

16 Packs (Ideal for Us) 24 Packs (Ideal for Sharing)

32 Packs (Ideal for the Fam)

*Keto/Sugar Free options available

Packs Per Month:


Save 15% and enjoy deals, new flavors, & more by subscribing

You’re basically part of the “Kool Kids Klub”.. Receive exclusive deals, news and updates before anyone else PLUS exclusive free samples of any new Botanibites flavors!

bite sized muffins

Your Botanibites enjoyed your way

Completely custom and catered to you. You choose how many, when to receive them, and what flavors you like. Stock up for you and the fam and have them ready for easy, on-the-go, guilt free snacking!

botanibites monthly

Hassle free reordering + automatic delivery

We are all busy, I get it, and we do enough online ordering. The monthly subscription allows you to receive Botanibites without having to worry about ordering online or missing out on your fix. You order once, your payment and selections are saved, and each month your order is sent directly to you!