Basics of Botanibites

Botanibites functional mini muffins blend organic herbal extract blends with clean, organic, simple ingredients. The herbal formulas and flavor combinations are specifically chosen to deliver you a clean purpose with pure satisfaction.

Key Ingredients in each Botanibites:

organic coconut flour

organic coconut sugar

coconut milk


organic flax seed

organic herbal extract powders and tinctures


More on Sasha Bruno

Sasha Bruno, the founder of Botanibites, wanted to create an enjoyable way to enjoy the healing power of herbs. Her years of experience in health, wellness, alternative medicine, and Chinese herbal theory led her to create a guilt free baked good you can dive into and receive benefits from. Sasha has years of experience in wellness and health, all the way from studying Anthropology at Boston University to working at Whole Foods as a buyer to managing an herbal pharmacy on Miami Beach, FL where Botanibites was originally born.


Why herbal extracts in muffins?

Botanibites was created as a way for the average person to enjoy and benefit from the healing power herbs have. Today, so many things are forced upon us that are concentrated, processed, prescribed, etc. that herbs are often overlooked. Because they are in their pure form and natural, our body actually utilizes and absorbs these easier and better. Choosing Botanibites is much like choosing a high quality tea, on-the-go, and tastier.


Why free of most common allergens?

Botanibites are free of gluten, grain, dairy, soy and nuts while still providing a moist, tasty flavor. This is because in the world of natural remedies, wellness, and overall healing, digestive issues and food sensitivities are often the biggest piece of the puzzle. Botanibites are ideal for anyone and everyone suffering from digestive issues, chronic illness, chronic pain and more. We wanted to help you heal you.