Botanibites Monthly Subscription

Botanibites Monthly Subscription

from 30.00

Enjoy your favorite healthy snack any time delivered to your door or office every month!


  • More you buy, more you save discounts

  • Surprise gift in each package

  • Healthy snacking any time, anywhere!

Guide to choosing your packs:

-8 Packs (Ideal for You)

-12 Packs (Ideal for Busy You)

-16 Packs (Ideal for Us)

-24 Packs (Ideal for Sharing)

-32 Packs (Ideal for the Fam)

*Keto/Sugar Free option available

Packs Per Month:

Please fill out the form during checkout to select your custom Botanibites flavors for your order. We will call you to confirm your order before sending and you will receive tracking info by email when your order is sent.

Changes can be made at any time by email or phone.