Keto (Sugar Free) Botanibites

Keto (Sugar Free) Botanibites

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Botanibites are now available in a sugar free, keto approved option! Choose your favorite flavor or feel and indulge free of guilt any time with Botanibites!

*coconut sugar is replaced with a monkfruit & erythritol blend. Matcha Mint Trip Energize is not available because the chocolate chips have cane sugar.

*all orders are packaged in convenient 3 packs; Freeze, thaw and enjoy any time with cases of your favorite, purposeful, guilt-free Botanibites snack.

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main ingredients: organic coconut flour, coconut milk, eggs, monkfruit and erythritol, organic flaxseed, Bob's Red Mill egg replacer, organic herbs

free of gluten, grain, dairy, soy, nuts & sugar

Flavors and feels:

Unwind Lemon Floral - Comfort & calm are key with these gluten free lemon poppy mini muffins. Chamomile aids digestion and soothes the nerves with valerian to help achieve restful sleep. Familiar, tasty and soothing; what's not to like about these paleo muffin snacks?

herbs: chamomile, valerian, poppy seeds

Uplift Maca Marble - Think of peanut butter/malt chocolate flavor without the nuts in a gluten free mini muffin... Energetic and rebalancing organic maca root provides a malty, nutty compliment to the tasty dark chocolate, cacao swirl. Enjoy this mood and energy lift any time of your busy day. *approximately 1 tsp of maca per serving (3 mini muffins)

herbs: organic maca powder, cacao, and damiana extract

Bliss Goji Lavender - Gluten free lavender mini muffins with plump goji berries. Soothing, relaxing, smooth and satiating. Relax and handle your day with calm and ease with paleo muffins.

herbs: lavender, passionflower, damiana