Matcha Mint Trip Energize

Matcha Mint Trip Energize

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You can't go wrong with mint chocolate chip flavor in a mini muffin.. With their vibrant green color from organic, ceremonnial grade Matcha powder plus the invigorating mint flavor, these muffins really know how to wake you up and get your day started. 

Approximately 1/2 tsp of matcha powder per serving (3 mini muffins)

herbs: organic matcha powder - concentrated green tea

*all orders are packaged in convenient 3 packs; excellent for breakfast, lunch, or snack options on the go!

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ingredients: organic coconut flour, organic coconut milk, eggs, organic coconut sugar, organic matcha powder, mint extract & Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips (contains evaporated cane juice, cocoa butter, & chocolate liquor)

*contains caffeine