Vegan Botanibites

Vegan Botanibites

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Botanibites are now even cleaner and ethical! Choose your favorite flavor or feel and indulge free of guilt any time with Vegan Botanibites!

*Eggs are replaced by Bob's Red Mill Egg Replacer

*all orders are packaged in convenient 3 packs; Freeze, thaw and enjoy any time with cases of your favorite, purposeful, guilt-free Botanibites snack.

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main ingredients: organic coconut flour, coconut milk, organic coconut sugar, organic flaxseed, Bob's Red Mill egg replacer, organic herbs

vegan and free of gluten, grain, dairy, soy, nuts

Flavors and feels:

Unwind Lemon Floral - Comfort & calm are key with these gluten free lemon poppy mini muffins. Chamomile aids digestion and soothes the nerves with valerian to help achieve restful sleep. Familiar, tasty and soothing; what's not to like about these paleo muffin snacks?

herbs: chamomile, valerian, poppy seeds

Energize Matcha Mint Trip - You can't go wrong with mint chocolate chip flavor in a gluten free mini muffin.. With their vibrant green color from organic Matcha powder and the refreshing mint flavor, these paleo muffins really know how to wake you up and get your day started, crash free. *approximately 1/2 tsp of matcha powder per serving (3 mini muffins)

herbs: organic matcha powder - concentrated green tea

Uplift Maca Marble - Think of peanut butter/malt chocolate flavor without the nuts in a gluten free mini muffin... Energetic and rebalancing organic maca root provides a malty, nutty compliment to the tasty dark chocolate, cacao swirl. Enjoy this mood and energy lift any time of your busy day. *approximately 1 tsp of maca per serving (3 mini muffins)

herbs: organic maca powder, cacao, and damiana extract

Bliss Goji Lavender - Gluten free lavender mini muffins with plump goji berries. Soothing, relaxing, smooth and satiating. Relax and handle your day with calm and ease with paleo muffins.

herbs: lavender, passionflower, damiana