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"I tried Botanibites Relief Apricot Spice for the first time and love them!  I have arthritis and the fact that it contains turmeric (a natural anti inflammatory) sold me.  But the taste sealed the deal for me. I froze a couple packages and would just get one out whenever I wanted them. Great way to start the day with a cup of coffee."

- Tina Houchin (Retiree) ig:@tinah1114

"I tried these at a recent health fair and loved them!  Purchased some on the spot and love the flavors as well as the nutritional content.  Can’t wait to order more!"

- Kyna McKimson (Manager) ig:@ksm6971

"I absolutely LOVE Botanibites. I am so grateful for these muffins because I am actually able to eat them without feeling guilty or without worrying about my carb intake. They are perfect for someone with a chronic illness like me! [Sasha is] a muffin goddess!"

- Ally Lopes ig:@mindfullyally

"I recently tried Botanibites after starting a dairy free, plant based diet. They are the only thing I can eat confidently knowing they won’t hurt my stomach!! It’s a feel good treat and I always pick them up at Weiland's :) I need to get adventurous and try more flavors!"

- Emma Kruse ig:@thecolumbusreview

"I LOVE BOTANIBITES! Each flavor is delicious and I feel great knowing that the ingredients are healthy. I especially love the Energize muffins because they contain matcha! The new Relief flavor is amazing."

- Reba

“What drew me to Botanibites was the portion sizing - each muffin being a perfect three bite treat, if i'm feeling dainty. But what has made me a huge fan is the moistness of each flavor combination. You know that you are eating a healthy treat, but the umami of the mini muffins and the combination of herbs and flavors, makes you feel like you are spoiling yourself with a wee morsel and thus, savor it just that. much. more.”

- Jennifer Humphrey

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